Sultan Kanuni Period of Ottoman Empire


The period of 46 years, between 1520 and 1566 when Kanuni Sultan Süleyman reigned the Empire, was a period of expansion for Istanbul, as well as the Ottoman state.

Many architectural works were built in Istanbul during Kanuni Period. The architectural works constructed in this period, especially those by Mimar Sinan (Architect Sinan) , gave a brand new look to the city. Among the most significant are; the Süleymaniye Mosque and surrounding complex, Şehzadebaşı Mosque and surrounding complex, Sultan Selim Mosque and surrounding complex, Cihangir Mosque, the mosques built in the name of Mihrimah Sultan in Edirnekapı and Üsküdar, and Haseki surrounding complex and Haseki Bath commissioned in the name of Hürrem Sultan.

During Kanuni Sultan Süleyman’s period, Istanbul became a more organised city. In one respect, new migrations were prevented, and also construction of houses around walls was prohibited and it was obligated that every house had a shutter over windows and stone construction was to be used in every building in Galata.

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