Sea life İstanbul

With its beautiful natural sights and breathtaking historical places, Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful cities In the world, no wonder why millions of people visit the city every year.

As any other city the is surrounded by water from everywhere, Istanbul offer its visitors to see the great sea life and have a look on the beautiful sea animals, so if you are a fan of sea and sea animals then you are definitely going to love this article.


While walking inside the huge mall of Forum Istanbul, you are probably going to see a lot of people gathering in front of the aquarium door, do not get confused because these people are about to have the best trip in their lives.

Sea Life Istanbul:


The Sea Life Istanbul or TurkuaZoo in Turkish is Turkey’s largest and most unique aquarium. It is located in the famous Forum Istanbul in Bayrampasa District, and it is 55 thousands square meters (590 thousands square ft). The aquarium contains more than 10 thousands animals swimming in its water and it is considered one of the largest aquariums in Europe. In fact, the Se Life aquarium establishment costs are more than 17 million Euros this is because of the unique structure and beautiful design of it that offer a comfortable life for animals.

The main tank holds 5 thousand cubic meters of water (1.3 million US Gallon) while other small tanks hold two thousand cubic meters of water which means that the total volume of tanks is 7 thousand cubic meter of water (1.8 million US Gallon)


What to see their:


Literally thousands creatures and sea animals, some animals you already know or have seen before and some animals you didn’t even know about it.

Different kinds of sharks each no less than 2.5 meters long like tiger sharks, hammerhead, black tip, nurse, zebra, guitar, jelly fishes, turtles,  octopuses,  small fishes, golden fishes, and many other types of fishes that you will definitely  take some pictures of them.

Probably, the most fun part in this aquarium is when reaching the tunnel, this tunnel is 90 meters long and totally surrounded with water and sea animals. You can spend some time there taking pictures or enjoying the charming breathtaking view of the sea animals swimming around you.

You can also get closer than ever to some animals when feeding session is on, harmless creatures such the Interactive Rock Pool can be held and touched, or seals that you can feed them by your own when buying the VIP ticket, while other creatures like sharks cannot be touched only watched through the ocean tunnel.

If you are visiting with your kids, you can take them to the Marvel section where they can draw their very own fish and scan it to the aquarium multimedia installation to watch it swimming in the water.
If you get hungry while walking, you can have a delicious lunch or tasty sandwich from one of the restaurants there.  Do not worry; nothing comes from the tanks ….

Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium

Great, what about the opening hours?

The Sea Life Aquarium is open every day and offers its facilities to visitors from 10 AM to 7 PM but be careful, because last tickets are sold one hour before closing.

Sometimes, working hours change with no noticing.


Okay, how much does it cost me to buy a ticket:

Well, every once in a while the aquarium administration offers visitors some discounts but in general, the prices starts from 55 Turkish Lira (approximately  10 US Dollars) and end up with 250 Turkish Lira.
the differences are in what tours you are paying for. For example, if you pay 55 Turkish Lira you will get the daily tour, while if you pay 75 Turkish Lira you will get the chance to visit both Sea Life Aquarium and Madame Tussauds Istanbul, or for 212 Turkish Lira you can get a ticket for you and your family with an access to everything inside the aquarium.

Just make sure to buy your ticket through the website because it is always cheaper than outside and they always offer discount on one of the tickets If not all.



How to get there?

The aquarium is inside Forum Istanbul and it is not hard to reach the mall, you can use M1 Metro line toward Kocatepe station and when you get off the train, go through the exit that takes you to Forum Istanbul.


Here is another information; Sea Life Istanbul is considered the largest aquarium in Europe according to the rankings of 2014.

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