The Perfect Honeymoon in Istanbul


Istanbul, the ancient city that has been hosting the greatest loves of the world. It has been known for its energetic and exotic atmosphere. Here are the unforgettable spots for planning your romantic getaway.

Arriving in Istanbul

Fall and spring are the best times to enjoy the sunny days in Istanbul. If it’s your first time in Istanbul, you will be amazed with the views from the plane before landing at the Istanbul Airport. For making things easier for you and your beloved one, our site offers private transfers from Istanbul airports to your hotels in Istanbul.

The natural beauty, the Bosphorus, surrounds the city and creates amazing views from both sides of the city. One of the best romantic hotels in Istanbul is Four Seasons. If your prefer spending your time in the heart of Istanbul’s historic centre, Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet is the best spot for gaining unique experiences. For the couples who want to enjoy the beautiful view of the Bosphorus from their rooms, Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus will make sure you spend a relaxed time with warm Turkish hospitality. Since these hotels are the most preferred ones, make sure to book your room in advance. If you want to book your room or search for other options, check the Istanbul Hotels in the site. 

Take a Stroll in the Old City of Istanbul


Istanbul is a historical city which is waiting to be explored. In the mornings, take a stroll with your partner along the shore and enjoy the beautiful view of colorful Ottoman villas and small fishing boats. Through the shore, you will find cafes where you can eat traditional Turkish breakfast. After the breakfast, explore the Bosphorus by a boat to see the city from different perspectives.

Another option is walking around the “Old City” where a rich culture is awaiting you. You can visit the famous mosques and iconic landmarks: The Hagia Sophia Museum, the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Walk together and ready to be impressed by the architecture of these places. Wander through the Basilica Cistern where the atmospheric music and sophisticated lighting inside forms an exquisite environment. The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest covered market on the planet where you can find traditional and unique pieces such as Turkish leather goods and jewelry. You can prefer to bargain with a shopkeeper to buy an attractive Turkish rug for a keepsake. Also, don’t forget the Spice Market which offers admirable colors and energy with a rich array of the various kinds of spices. If you prefer to facilitate these daily trips, check out the things to do in Istanbul for finding the best tours for your wish.

Escape to the Princes’ Islands


The Princes’ Islands are a chain of nine small islands in the Marmara Sea. Only four of them are open to the public: Büyükada, Burgazada, Heybeliada and Kınalıada. Escaping the city life for a while can be good for honeymooners to spend some time alone and enjoy the silence.

You can take a ferry departing from different locations in Istanbul. However, booking a full day trip can be more beneficial for exploring all of these islands in a day. Upon arriving, take a walk by tracking the historical mansions that brings nostalgic atmosphere to the streets.

For adventurous couples, we suggest them to rent a bike and cycle around the island for an unforgettable day. For ending such a good day, try the lovely fish restaurants by the sea and enjoy fresh seafood with a romantic view. Take a look to the Princes’ Islands Full Day Tour in the site for more information.

Istanbul at Night


Beginning from the sunset, the clouds form a magical atmosphere in the sky. Enjoying sunsets in Pierre Loti Hill or the Golden Horn Park will create memorable moments for the  couples. The colorful sky will make you fall in love again.

Right after the sunset, the city comes to life with bright lights. With an evening cruise in the Bosphorus, you can enjoy a traditional Turkish cuisine with mezze and barbecue. Under a starry sky, you will have romantic moments in your private boat. For making the experience more special, couples can have a dinner in the Maiden’s Tower which is a lighthouse located in the middle of the Marmara Sea. You can book a fine romantic dinner at the Kiz Kulesi Restaurant. You can either take a short boat ride from Üsküdar or arrange a transfer in advance. Check out the Maiden’s Tower from our site for creating a best night out in Istanbul.

Beside these attractions, couples can enjoy a fancy meal in this magnificent city. Having your dinner from a room service might sound good for a couple in a honeymoon  but you shouldn’t miss the fine dining restaurants in Istanbul where you can celebrate your marriage. Vogue Restaurant and Sunset Grill & Bar are the most preferred ones with a great menu of tastes from the world cuisine. For more information, take a look at to Restaurants & Bars in Istanbul section and book a table in advance.

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