Istanbul Tulip Festival


As we always say, Istanbul is a very big colorful mix city, and we always say that Istanbul is the city of the ancient history merging into the beautiful cozy nature. Hills, seas, lakes and rivers. In today’s article allow me to escort you into one of Istanbul’s big events, which is Istanbul tulip festival, allow me to introduce the festival and the event to you.


Every April since 2006, the government of Istanbul starts to plant millions of Tulips in Istanbul’s streets, parks, roadsides, roundabouts and nearly anywhere that is opened to the sky. The government plants around half a million tulips in Sultan Ahmet Square to make a flower carpet in front of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque) and Hagia Sophia Museum. The result is a very charming clean and attractive view in Istanbul which is relaxing to the soul too.

Tulip flowers start to bloom at the end of March to the beginning of April. Therefore, the festival lasts from April 1st to April 30th, the bloom date depends on the weather and it takes several weeks to be delightful to the eye at the beginning of the spring season. April is a very pretty month in Istanbul, because it is a rain-free month and the weather starts to be warm beside the shiny sun in the sky, which makes it a very encouraging month to consider visiting Istanbul.


Let’s talk about the tulips a bit, the tulip is not originated in Europe or Holland, it is one of Istanbul city’s symbols. It brought from Iran many years ago, in the Ottoman history a fine rare tulip variety could be sold for a real big deal. Tulip made its way to Europe as well after Turkey, specially to Holland, where similar to the Tulip Mania soon consumed the government for tulip lovers.
I have to mention that Istanbul tulip festival is not just for tulips but also other plants, bushes, pansies etc. they are planted in different varieties and colors to give the streets and the parks a breathtaking shape. You can find the tulip flowers among the old cities and nearly everywhere you face there, but if you want to enjoy the beauty of the festival you have to consider the Emirgan Korusu park, which is a park known specially for tulips, Emirgan Korusu is so worth the time to visit.

Emrigan Korusu Park

North of the Fatih Bridge among the Bosphorus, on the European seashore, it is one of Istanbul’s most recommended places to visit and you can check that by clicking here. In April when Istanbul’s annual Tulip festival is here! Emirgan Korusu is the perfect place to visit for picnic, some relaxation, a light meal and Turkish coffee or tea, with its fresh clean air and the amazing view all around you will feel that you are feeding your soul from the mother nature. The fastest way to get there is by taking the M2 metro line toward Istanbul Technique University and then taking an LF, 29Ş or 40B bus that lead to Emirgan Korusu stop.
Emrigan offers a great picnic view on the Bosphorus, or a Turkish breakfast in one of the 3 kiosks, and jogging on the hiking trails in the clean air and magnificent atmosphere.


Gulhane Park

In English it refers to “Rosehouse Park”, Gulhane park is also a very well-known park to visit epically during the bloom of Tulips in April. It is located in the old town near to Sultan Ahmet Square and Hagia Sofia Basilica too. It takes only 15 minutes to walk from there to the park. The south gate of the park is one of the biggest gates to Topkapı Palace.

Long story short, all around Istanbul become a very charming place to walk around, and with these two parks you can heal your soul, have some memory pictures with your family and spend a quality time.

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