Istanbul Itinerary 7 Days


Choosing Istanbul for a 7 day Itinerary is a great idea, there are many things to do in this city in just 7 days, where the history and fashion and food are everywhere. It depends also on the weather and season of the year, because each season is a different kind of journey and experience. There are the romantic places, the historical places, the modern places, and many more. Also a bite of dish in the finest restaurants and cafes.

You will surely not regret coming to Istanbul, Istanbul is a modern city where everyone enjoys a nice experience just by walking down the old alleys.



Take a nice cruise on the Bosphorus

The joy you get when cruising on the Bosphorus is unspeakable, you will see many old castles on the shore, you may also see the birds flying near you on the cruise feeding them bread crumbs, and you will notice the main castles like Rumeli Hisari, and some amazing mansions, and also the best view of the Dolmabahce Palace.



Spend your time in Beyoglu


In the times of your visit in Istanbul, you will find yourself in love with Beyoglu district, the district is really famous for many reasons. It has historical part, fashion part, and night life part, all in one. In Istiklal Street you will see shops scattered on both sides of the street, ranging from worldwide brands, to local. In addition to the Turkish restaurants there and Delights and Sweets also. Also if you want to buy antiques, Taksim square is the place to buy from, because you will find the best antiques and many of them are handmade by local merchants. If you want to kill more time you can sit beside the Galata Tower in a nice café or pub where you can chill with your favorite beverage. You may want to spend the whole day in Taksim just to get the most out of the fun and experience.

Visit the Old City


The old city of Istanbul has many amazing secrets and stories to find. The Sultanahmet District considered one of the best historical places. Where you will find the Hagia Sophia which first it was a Byzantium Church then switched to Imperial Mosque during the Ottoman Era. And after that you have the Blue Mosque which is one of the greatest monuments there is. With its amazing design and architecture the mosque is quite the exciting visit. And after you are done you can sit in the district in any place to chill and feel the good atmosphere it offers.

Also Topkapi Palace is another experience, it is the biggest historical site to visit in Istanbul, where you will be shocked by its historical, architectural and cultural importance, and it has 4 courtyards, the Audience Hall, Divan-the High Court, and Royal Stables and many more.


Know the Asian Side


The Asian side is another mystery to solve. The side is full of amazing residential neighborhoods. And when you go to Uskudar or Kadikoy you will see the best view of the European side of Istanbul. In addition to the amazing cafés and restaurants sitting on that part of the city. You will see the historical harbor buildings of kadikoy and the narrow streets of the famous fish market and the amazing quarter of Moda. The views from Moda neighborhood stretch across the Sea of Marmara toward Sultanahmet.


Each place in Istanbul has its own magic, many districts offer many fantastic opportunities, from Besiktas and Ortakoy to Uskudar and Kadikoy, to the Taksim and the the Old City. Wherever you go will have a different experience each part represent its own traditions and style. Whether it is a honeymoon or friends gathering it will be an unforgettable part of your journey.

There are many and many things to do in 7 Days in Istanbul. First day try to have a nice taste of the Turkish breakfast and then maybe visit the historic old city of Istanbul and maybe dine at a fancy restaurant, and have a nice chill walk on the Bosphorus.

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