Istanbul In March

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It is still rainy and cold in Istanbul in March. Yet you can feel the cheerful spirit of spring in the streets of Istanbul. You can discover some Turkish classics, peaceful art galleries in Beyoğlu or colorful atmosphere of Grand Bazaar. Maybe you should just watch Istanbul from different perspectives.

Here some advice to have a great day in Istanbul in March!

Have a Turkish breakfast

Having a Turkish breakfast is a great start for a rainy Istanbul day in March. There are some classics you should have in your breakfast table. Turkish tea is a must not only for Turkish breakfast but also for Turkish culture. Besides, there should be a few kinds of cheese and black or green olives. You should have some jams or honey as some sweet tastes. You should also try one of the popular special dishes for breakfast. “Menemen” was one of them and its main ingredients are tomato, onion, and pepper. Another breakfast dishes can be “Mıhlama” and it is popular especially in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It has a great amount of fat and some cornflour with a piece of special cheese. You should eat it fast since it will be less delicious as it gets cooler. Mostly, you can find some of those classics on a plate or as a whole menu. If you are on the European side, you can visit Karınca café in Karaköy. If you stay at the Asian side of Istanbul, you can visit Nelipide Gurme in Kadıköy.

Discover art galleries in Beyoğlu


Art walks can be nice both learn about the city and escape from sudden rains in Istanbul in March. SALT Galata is one of the popular art galleries in Beyoğlu. It is nearby Galata Tower and it has a library and café inside. You can see contemporary art pieces in its exhibition and learn more about Istanbul and Turkey artistically. Maybe you can read some books about Istanbul as you drink a cup of coffee in its café. Besides, its building may appeal to you since it was a bank building for many years and now is a meeting point for old and new. ARTER can be another choice for your art walk in Beyoğlu. It is in Istiklal street and has a showcase you can’t help to look at it. You can visit many exhibitions for free and listen to records for each art piece. Nearby ARTER, you can visit the Pera Museum. It has a wide range of collections to appeal to many people. Maybe the most appealing art piece in there is “Kaplumbağa Terbiyecisi”, painted by Osman Hamdi Bey. He was a painter, archeologist, and scholar in last periods of the Ottoman Empire. When you look at his paintings, you can see some realistic scenes from those times.

Visit Grand Bazaar


At the moment you enter the Grand Bazaar, you will feel its joyful spirit. Walking in its streets is just like time traveling. As you walk around you should taste some Turkish delight since it is another Turkish classic. It is like marshmallow yet more rigid and delicious. You can find it in every color and with any flavor, you can imagine. There is even Turkish delight with rose flavor. Besides, you can find some carpets with Anatolian patterns. When you look at those carpets you may not feel anything, yet you should know that all those patterns on the carpets want to tell their own stories. Each figure or pattern on those carpets symbolizes something such as evil eye, man or woman. Maybe you can learn about the story of Anatolian patterns by asking an advanced guide or a salesman. Also, you shouldn’t forget to take some photos of that colorful world of Grand Bazaar.

Watch Istanbul


There are many points to watch Istanbul in March. One of the fantastic places for that reason is Pierre Loti in Eyüp. It is the name of an Istanbul lover who lived there for a long time. He regularly visited that hill to watch Istanbul, so his name became the name of the hill. To reach the hill, you can use cableway. When you reached the top of the hill, you will see the great view of Golden Horn. As an alternative to take photos of those beautiful views, you may try to sketch or paint the view of Istanbul in your journal since you may want to watch it for a while. Galata Tower is another point for watching the Istanbul sky in March. It stands there for a long time and keeps traces of past in its walls. You can see old Istanbul, namely the Topkapı palace and its neighborhood. Besides, you can watch ferries and ships passing by through Bosphorus. You should take photos as much as possible. Sometimes clouds play with sun lights and create wonderful views in Istanbul sky. If you are lucky, you can realize a rainbow among those gray clouds in the sky.


Even it is rainy and cold in Istanbul in March, there some ways to have a great day. You can start your day with a Turkish breakfast, just like a feast. You can walk art galleries in Beyoğlu and artistically discover Istanbul. Besides, you can visit the cheerful atmosphere of Grand Bazaar and try each flavor of Turkish delight. Maybe you should just watch Istanbul sky from Pierre Loti or Galata Tower and enjoy being here. Whenever you come, you are welcome! For more information about Istanbul, you can visit

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