Istanbul In January

Best time to visit Istanbul

The first month of the year is full of hope for new beginnings and discoveries in Istanbul. Beyoğlu can be a great place to spend some days in January since it has many things to discover. Even it is cold and rainy during January in Istanbul, you can have a great time as you wander around Istiklal street or Karaköy. Here some activities you should do to discover Beyoğlu in January!Istanbul in January

Visiting churches and synagogues


Church of Saint Antoine is in a hidden corner of Istiklal Street. Its peaceful atmosphere and fantastic architecture appeal you at first glance. Especially, its front captures your attention and hesitate if it is a dream or not since it looks like a place for fairytales. As you enter inside, you can see details for neo-gothic style. Before leaving there, you may buy some postcards or bookmarks as little souvenirs. Crimea Memorial Church can be another place to discover. It is close to Galata Tower and you can find it as you wander around Tophane. With your first step into its garden, you can feel like being in another century. It is also a great example of the neo-gothic style with its sharp ended towers and colorful windows. Maybe you may think to visit there in spring as well to see its lovely garden again. Around Galata Towers, you can also visit the biggest synagogues of Istanbul, namely, Neve Shalom Synagogue. It has a plain front door, yet it has a great space beyond it. It is actively used for marriage, funerals, etc. by the Jewish population in Istanbul.

Walking in Galata streets


Galata Tower and its neighborhood worth to spend a whole January day. Before going to the tower, you can have breakfast in a charming café in Karaköy. Since it will be a long day, you should have energy. After your breakfast, you can climb the way to the tower. As you walk, you may see an interesting stair on your way. It called Kamondo Stairs, come from the name of an old Jewish family lived in Istanbul. If you walk straight from those stairs, you can easily find the Galata Tower. It is one of the iconic towers of Istanbul and among the oldest towers of world history. Since it stood for years, there are many legends about the tower. As it is said, if you visit Galata Tower with your loved ones for the first time, you will marry him/her. Another story tells that Galata tower fell in love for Maiden Tower, a charming tower in the middle of Bosphorous. Besides, Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi flew with his well-designed wings from Galata tower to Üsküdar. Since you know those stories, it would be more exciting to visit Galata tower and see traces of those stories in there. If you want to learn more about Galata, you may attend some Galata tours.

Visiting art galleries


SALT Galata is so close to Galata Tower and its building was a bank once. It has a lovely atmosphere inside. You feel both the spirit of the past and the vividness of contemporary design. The view of the city is also fantastic from the windows of that building. Moreover, you can find some interesting books in the library. Besides, you may study or enjoy reading a book with a cup of tea or coffee in its café. ARTER is another art gallery you should visit. It is in one of the corners of Istiklal street and if you are careful, you can realize its charming showcase. Beyond its showcase, there are contemporary art exhibitions and you can visit for free for many of them. As you turn another corner of Istiklal street, there is the Pera Museum. It has a brilliant collection of contemporary art pieces as well as late Ottoman paints. You can learn about especially Osman Hamdi Bey, significant painters and scholars for the late Ottoman period and see his precise art pieces in there. If you want to discover those art galleries with an advanced guide, you may attend Istanbul art walks as well.


January is the best time to have discoveries and new beginnings. During those cold January days, you can start to discover Istanbul from Beyoğlu. You can visit some charming churches or synagogues to experience their peaceful and gentle atmospheres. You can wander around Galata Tower and see the traces of stories from other centuries. Alternatively, you can visit art galleries for both learnings about traditional Turkish art and exploring contemporary art exhibitions. Whenever you come, you are welcome! For learning more about Istanbul, you may visit!

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