Istanbul at night

Places to Visit in Istanbul At Night


Istanbul streets are sparkling and full of cheerful voices at night. When you take a step outside, it is enough to be a part of those cheerful people. You can visit a “meyhane” -Turkish name of tavern- and listen to some Turkish classical music as you taste some delicious fish or Turkish aperitifs called “meze”. Besides, you can go to a pub to dance and have fun with your friends. It is also great to watch Istanbul at night, so you may sit at the seaside and enjoy the view of Istanbul.


Here some places to visit at night in Istanbul!




When the night came, Galata Tower can be your guide for a wonderful dream. Before walking around, you should take some photos in front of this magical tower since it is more charming under the decorative lights. You can find many cafes around the tower and taste some deserts to boost your energy. You may try San Sebastian cheesecake in one of those cafes since it is a popular dessert recently in Istanbul. If you want to have dinner as you watch the night view of Istanbul, you may walk for a while and find Balkon restaurant and bar. It is a great place to have a dinner like a feast or taste some fantastic beverages. Besides, there is a wide range of music to listen to as you enjoy the night view of Istanbul.



When you walk from Galata Tower to the seaside, you can find Karaköy easily. It is a small area, yet it has many charming cafes, restaurants, and bars. You may visit MaNa restaurant to have a feast and enjoy with your family or friends. It is a place you can find many aperitifs to try from Turkish cuisine. However, if you want to visit a Turkish tavern, you can visit Lüsyen Meyhanesi Karaköy. It has an amazing atmosphere, live music and a wide range of aperitifs. If you want to have some deserts after the feast, you should go to Karaköy Güllüoğlu. It is a popular place with its deserts and if you want to taste traditional Turkish desserts such as baklava, it is the right place to visit. Luckily, it opens until 1 A.M and maybe you can buy some deserts and enjoy it with your friends as sitting the seaside of Karaköy and enjoying the shiny Istanbul view.

Istiklal street


It is one of the classic places in Istanbul to visit. In each corner of Istiklal Street, amazing discoveries wait for you. 1924 Istanbul is one of those amazing discoveries. As you entered this lovely tavern, it is hard to feel nothing. Its charming atmosphere sends you to the twentieth century of Istanbul. In its menu, you can find Eastern European meals mostly with wonderful cocktails. Ney’le Mey’le Meyhane can be an alternative to visit a Turkish tavern. Similarly, it is in one of the corners of Istiklal Street, so you can find it easily. You can find dishes from both Turkish cuisine and international cuisine. Besides, you can enjoy cheerful songs from Turkish and Greek music and have a great time with your friends or family.




If you stay on the Asian side, Kadıköy can be great to discover at night. Nearby Kadıköy Bull statue, you can find Piraye Taş Plak Meyhanesi. It has a peaceful atmosphere and plenty of delicious meal. You can try Turkish rakı (traditional alcoholic beverage) with delicious aperitifs as listening songs from stone plaques. Another lovely tavern in Kadıköy is Mythos. It is in Haydarpaşa Train Station. It has a charming atmosphere and makes you feel like in an Aegean city. You can find a wide range of Greek aperitifs and enjoy Turkish rakı. You can have a lovely dinner with your friends or family. If you are a lover of nostalgic pop music or just want to dance, you may visit PopMod with your friends. It is a nice place for both having tasteful aperitifs and having fun in Kadıköy.


Istanbul streets are shining brightly at night. You can find yourself in those shiny nights with a little step to outdoor. Galata Tower can be your companion at night, and you can find nice places to have dinner, taste amazing deserts or enjoy any kind of music. Karaköy is close to Galata and has many charming restaurants, cafes or taverns to visit at night. Istiklal street has many corners to discover amazing taverns or restaurants at night. Kadıköy is a great district to explore at night in the Asian side of Istanbul. Whenever you come, you are welcome! To have more information about Istanbul, you can visit

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