Istanbul 6 Days Itinerary


Istanbul is a city of love and magic, where everything you do, you enjoy it. The city offers for its tourists’ magnificent places and an unforgettable time. Whether you are travelling with your family or friends, or even alone. You will enjoy the time here in Istanbul. So why not make it a life journey that will not be forgotten.


There are plenty of things to do in just 6 days in this beautiful city. Many choices like; touring the old city or exploring the Turkish cuisine. You will not feel the need to rush things.


Tour the Old City


Istanbul’s history goes way back to the Greek Era, and later the Byzantium Era all the way through the Ottoman Empire. These eras shaped the history and the wonderful stories that this city hides behind its walls. One way to do that is by visiting the Sultan Ahmet District and Hagia Sophia. The Sultan Ahmet which is also known as the Blue Mosque is very known for its architecture which attracts tourist’s attention, and also Hagia Sophia which was first a church then converted to mosque during the Ottoman Empire, is as beautiful as the Blue Mosque. It hides magnificent relics inside that will open your eyes on the history of the district.


Shop in the City of Fashion

Istanbul is considered one of the best fashion destinations around the world. With its unique places like the famous Grand Bazaar and its modern shopping malls. You will not be disappointed from shopping here. The prices are very reasonable the quality it offers are just outstanding. The shopping malls like Istinye Park is a world class mall with its unique design and brands inside. In addition to the restaurant it offers like Nusr Et which is famous around the world, keep in mind that you either book a table or you will have to wait in a long queue to eat there. While also in Nişantaşı you may check all the worldwide and local brands that are there. Nişantaşı is one of the best avenues in Istanbul to shop in. Make sure also to bargain with the local merchants there.

Experience the Turkish Cuisine


The Turkish cuisine has made its mark in the world of food. With its many types of delicious dishes, the Turkish cuisine is famous for its Kebab and all kinds of oven-based dishes. Wherever you go in Istanbul there are Turkish restaurants that serves different kinds of food, from Kebabs, to even Vegan dishes. The beauty of it is that each dish has its own unique flavor that is different from the other. Many restaurants in Istanbul have beautiful views over Istanbul so that you can enjoy your bite with the best atmosphere.


Wander the Beautiful District of Beyoğlu

People in Istiklal Street, Istanbul

Beyoğlu District is one of the most demanding destinations in Istanbul, with its unique street of Istiklal, which is a street of magic, many worldwide and local brands are scattered on both sides of the street in addition to the restaurants and cafes that are found there. The night life in Istiklal street is magical, the night clubs and bars there offer the best atmospheric experience you will ever see, if you are not a nightlife person, you may walk around the street and see wonderful street art and artists that fill the air with positive energy.

The Taksim Square is well known for many tourists that come to Istanbul, the square has a small traditional bazaar where you can buy many handmade antiques from merchants coming from all over Turkey not just Istanbul.


As you can see you can do lots of things in Istanbul no matter how long your visit is, the old city is a must visit where you can see Istanbul’s history through its monuments. And also you can shop at many places from your favorite brands and get quality products at reasonable prices. The atmoshpere offered by many restaurants and cafes are out of this world, it is the best atmosphere to relax. The city of Istanbul is a city full of magic where the traditional east meets the urban west, you will have the best time of your life in Istanbul.

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