Furniture Decoration and Design in Istanbul


Despite that Istanbul is famous for its Ottoman designs and decorations but lately, designers and mobilya companies started to move away from the typical designs and colors. Now, there are many shops and companies where you can find different designs. In fact, nowadays Istanbul’s decoration and mobilya designers are competing with other designers from famous countries like Italy, France, and Spain.

Of course and just like any other market in the world, the mobilya and decoration market is very wide in Istanbul you can find shops that sell cheap mobilya, shops that sell medium quality wood and mobilya, and shops that prefer to use natural scandanavian wood and beech wood in their mobilya.


Here are some of the famous mobilya and decoration shops in Istanbul:




Founded by designer Deniz Duru, the 333km mobilya and decoration shop is one of the most famous shops in Istanbul, it is because the designer focuses on creating comfortable convenient designs and always make sure that all of her designs are functional.  The 333km decoration and mobilya shop is located in Karakoy district next to Eminonu, just beside the left entrance of the French passage.

Mobilya at 333km shop are not cheap actually, expect to pay more than other shops.




This shop is most famous for its handiwork designs and mobilya. The Hamm shop offers customers both Traditional and modern designs, you can also find modern designs with a traditional touch on them to come up with a very unique and different result. The hamm decoration store has grown massively throughout the years but the original store was in Cukurcuma where all the beauty of decoration exists.

We highly recommend this store because of its beautiful designs. You can find this shop in the Seyrantepe district in Istanbul.


The Som interior:


The Som interior shop was founded by a brother and sister who are both designers. Unlike other shops, the Som interior does not offer antiques, old style, or traditional designs, all of its designs are modern and creative, and compared to other stores, the Som interior is not very expensive.

The Som Interior is located in Eyup Sultan District in Istanbul.

Hakan Ezer’s Store:


From its name, this store was founded by designer Hakan Ezer. When you enter the store you will find a mixture of new modern and old traditional antiques and accessories. Hakan Ezer likes to keep it connecting the past with the future. You will definitely buy a couple of decoration items from this store because it is absolutely amazing.
The Hakan Ezer’s Store is located in Cukurcuma in Istanbul where you can find all of Istanbul’s antiques and decoration stores.


Bizone Studio:


The Bizone store is considered one of the best stores on the Asian side of Istanbul but it is a little bit different than other stores. It offers ceramic, wood, and metal designs and antiques to be used for showing purposes more than using. In addition, the owners make sculptures and jewelry in the basement. These sculptures are among the most beautiful ones in Istanbul.

You can find this store in the MODA city  on the Asian side of Istanbul.




If you are looking for handmade items then Amorf is the best option for you. The handmade items and objects made from walnut trees, breech wood, and olive trees are priceless. In fact, these handmade items are the reason for Amorf’s famous name. If you are willing to visit this store, make sure to buy one of the handmade tables because you will fall in love with them.

The Amorf store is located in Beyoglu district in Istanbul city.



The Ham:m store is more like the design store you would find in Germany or Sweden. Ham:m designs might be a little bit poor compared to other stores but still, the natural wood and high quality finishing is absolutely better than many other stores in the city. You can also find many objects and antiques for local designers in their showroom.

The Ham:m store is located in the Nisantasi District in Istanbul and they have another branch in Eyup Sultan District also.



There are a lot of other decoration and mobilya showrooms and stores in Istanbul city and with different qualities and prices to match all kinds of customers. In fact, if you visit the Masko furniture city you will find hundreds of stores and showrooms that each one has a specific quality.

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