Enjoy Turkish Bath in the Bathroom of Your Home

Enjoy Turkish Bath in the Bathroom of Your Home

Turkish bath is an important structure in our customs. Cooling effect of water on people makes people feel the need for home type Turkish baths. People want to see a Turkish bath in their homes to relax and increase their quality of life. In addition to the features we have mentioned, it is also considered that it adds an authentic atmosphere to the home. It is a fact that the house will attract attention in terms of visuality with a stylish bath.

With the developing technology in recent years, the construction of baths in homes has increased considerably. The reason is that the quality of ceramics that prevent water leakage increases day by day. Turkish baths are important places not only for health but also for social and cultural activities. This culture, which has not lost its charm until today, continues to be kept alive in historical Turkish baths built with architectural aesthetics. You can visit for great home decoration examples.

Feel the Atmosphere of Ottoman in Your Bathroom



With technology taking an important place in home decoration, mechanical tools are found in every corner of our home. Turkish bath style shower cabin ideas offer modernity without giving up classic models.

Marble shower tub placed in the middle of the bathroom attracts everyone’s attention. You can add brown tones shower curtain to this tub. In this way, you can create your own special space with this shower curtain. You can also use a marble seat next to the bathtub as a faucet. Turkish bath style bathroom decoration helps you combine Ottoman inspirations with modernity.

Bathroom Features with Turkish Bath Style

In Turkish bath-type bathrooms, acrylic bathtubs are replaced by marble basins, and modern faucets are replaced by copper-colored faucets adorned with elegant Ottoman patterns. Tile walls are built with marble or marble-like ceramics, just like the original Turkish baths.

Framed mirrors can be used in an aged style. A different atmosphere can be given to your bathroom with a rug in a suitable color. You can cover your walls with tile decorations. Bathtub and sink can be made of gray marble. And also copper shaped bowls, clogs, loincloths and motif towels are indispensable accessories of the ottoman style.

While Turkish bath may seem like a difficult option at home, there are options to suit every bathroom size. Recently, when the demands have increased, companies that design and manufacture Turkish baths at home have increased. Building your dream bath is not difficult in today’s conditions.


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