Best Vacation Places Near Istanbul

It is elegant, beautiful, facinitaing, and full of historical places, beautiful nature, and lovely places to visit. Istanbul city is known to be one of the most interesting cities around the world because of the great time that everyone spend in it. But, with more than 15 million people living and working in it you will need a getaway time at a place where you can enjoy your time without thousands of people around you.


Well, we have what you are looking for. Here are some of the best places near istanbul to spend your vacation at:





Around an hour and a half away from Istanbul, Sapanca is famous for its breathtaking nature and clean air. Actually, some local people call it a heaven because of its really beautiful colorful trees and green plains.

In summer, the main lake in Sapanca becomes full of happy visitors sitting in cafes and restaurants around it, having Turkish breakfast with a very beautiful view of the blue clean water.

One of the loveliest places in Sapanca is at the top of the hill between the mountains. It is better to have your breakfast there and then go down to the lake.

Sapanca also has many spas and hotels where to spend a couple of days away from the traffic of Istanbul.

You can also visit the main market of Masukiye province near Sapanca.




If you are a fan of camping, Yedigoller is the best place for you.


Its name is inspired by its seven lakes surrounded by forest that has colorful hazelnuts, pine, and many other trees. In addition to camping and having a great time in nature, you can enjoy your time swimming in hot springs or spend some time fishing.

Make sure to find a spot near the water for a better camping experience and if you are visiting during the winter months, do not forget to bring a jacket with you.




Another place that is famous for it breathtaking nature but ore known for its beautiful beaches on the Black Sea where both locals and foreigners spend their weekends at.

If you are not in the mood for beaches, you can have a walk through calm village streets and have a cup of Turkish coffee at one of the old cafes there, or you can hit the road toward Sakligol lake that sits between the mountains to have dinner with your partner or beloved ones watching this beautiful nature.



view of the black sea from the shore of Agva . Turkey

Another getway and probably the most relaxing haven in Turkey. It is one of the preferred places for young couples and newly married couples because of its beautiful nature. It has a lot of rivers with trees one both sides, stay near the lodges at one of the restaurants there and gift your stomach a fresh delicious seafood, go take a tour on one of the boats, or spend some time fishing. Agva is absolutely lovely relaxing place and it is highly recommended for you to visit.




Bursa is another city of Turkey but thanks to Bursa Sea Busses you can easily travel to the city by the water, it will take you around an hour to reach Bursa.

This city is more likable during the winter months because of the famous long Telefrik( cable car) on the top of the mountain, It is always snowing there during the winter and always cold during the summer you can spend an amazing time there and really have fun.

When you go there you should try Iskender Kebab which is the city’s famous plate, you will definitely love the delicious taste of its grilled slices of meat. In case you loved the city more than Istanbul, there are a lot of clean hotels that you can stay at it.




Goreme ancient city view after twilight, Cappadocia in Central Anatolia, Turkey

It is a city where you have an unforgettable time. Cappadocia city goes back to the Bronze Age and you can tell that from the houses and churches built in rocks and mountains located in the Monks Valley, which is the most famous spot in Cappadocia.

One of the fun things to do in Cappadocia is to get in a balloon tour around the city it is an exciting adventure to have.

Do not forget to have a dinner at one of the restaurants on top of the hill while watching the lovely sunset.


There are a lot of places where to visit or even spend a couple of days at away from Istanbul’s traffic and they are lovely just as Istanbul is or even more..

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