Best Kebabs in Istanbul


Istanbul city is known for its rich cuisine and delicious food. In fact, a lot of people from all over the world spend most of their time when visiting Istanbul at the restaurants and snack restaurants eating Turkish food. It is not a strange thing because throughout the year, the Turkish cuisine got more rich with components and spices especially that Istanbul city is located in a place where all traders used to meet and exchange their products, one of these products are spices. Thus, you can find hundreds of kinds of food in the Turkish cuisine.

Probably, the most famous food in Istanbul, if not in all Turkey is Kebab. The absolutely delicious taste of juicy meat spiced with paper, salt, and other Turkish spices is for sure a food to be loved.


So if you are one of the people who became addicted to Kebab, here are some of the most famous restaurants that make delicious kebabs.


Siirt Seref Buryan Kebap Salonu:

This restaurant is a humble one located in the Kadinlar Pazari in Fatih district the heart of Istanbul. Before even starting to talk about the restaurant, the Kadinlar Pazari is where the delicious food is located so you must go and eat from there. Getting back to the restaurant, this place makes buryan kebap which is a Turkish version of the Texas Pit Barbecue, a small lamb cooked slowly over coal in an underground hole will be more than enough to melt your heart while eating it. Make sure to drink a hot cup of Turkish tea after finishing. It will wash all the fats.


Antiochia Restaurant:

Antiochia restaurant is a small humble restaurant that offers southern Turkey’s food, Hatay food to be more specific. In general, all of the food served at this restaurant is delicious and the plates are simple, only delicious food is in the plate without extra useless decoration. The most famous plate at antiochia is the Sis Et plate which is a cubes of beef skewered and grilled over coal. Make sure to request a seasonal salad beside the plate because it will add extra delicious taste to the beef.
This restaurant is located in Beyoglu district and considered the best one to serve Sis Et in the district.


Kebapci Enver Usta Restaurant:

This restaurant is not a very luxurious one but for sure, better than all the luxurious restaurants.

Here is a thing, whatever you order and whatever you eat at this restaurant is literally delicious. The food in this restaurant is made by the owner Envar Usta who is very known around the district and everyone loves his food. The best thing about this restaurant is its prices, you do not need to spend a lot of money at Enver Usta’s restaurant and still you are going to leave full, happy, and thinking when to visit again.

This restaurant is located in Beyoglu district in the Tramway Sokak.

Kasap Osman:

Kasap Osman or as it is translated to English (Osman the Butcher) owns a small Doer restaurant which is the most famous curner food in Turkey. There are a lot of restaurants that make Doner but only few of them can compete with the delicious taste of juicy Doner.

The doner sandwich is basically a meat laid over chopped flatbread with onions and tomatoes. It sounds simple but very delicious and the secret is in the meat, if it’s spiced right and cooked well then you will have the masterpiece you are looking for and such a masterpiece can be found at very few restaurants. Kasap Osman restaurant is one of them

This restaurant is located in Sirkeci neighborhood. Make sure to go there before 10 PM otherwise you will find it closed.



This restaurant is specialized with Durum (sandwich). If you are in a hurry or looking for a sandwich to eat then Durumzade restaurant is the right option for you. You can order a Tavuk Sis sandwich which is chicken spiced cubes and grilled over the coal, or you can ask for Adana Kebab, or any other kind of sandwich you would like because all of what this restaurant offers is absolutely delicious.


There are a lot of Kebab restaurants in Istanbul city that offer different kinds of kebab whether in plates or in a sandwich, so if you are looking for a gift to your stomach all you need to do is to hit the road and go to one of the restaurants mentioned above. You will absolutely fall in love with the food they make.

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