Best Gifts to buy from Istanbul


While walking with your partner or friend through the mighty Istanbul city sooner or later, you will fall in love with the culture, places, nature, food, and many other things that you see or try and at some point, you will start thinking about your flight back home and what sad feeling you will feel leaving the joy, fun, and happiness behind you to get back to daily routine and stressful work. Do not keep thinking, hit the road and go to buy some gifts and souvenirs to remind you of the good times you had in Istanbul.


Here are some of the best gifts to buy from Istanbul before going back home:


Turkish Traditional Halkum Dessert:


For sure, you have tasted the famous Turkish dessert  “ Halkum “ and for sure you have liked it because everyone else likes it. You can buy yourself a packet or two of this delicious dessert, you can buy the one with fruit, the one made with cream, the one made with honey, or you can buy the most favourite one covered with pistachio. Except for the one made with honey, Halkum is not an expensive dessert but it might be one of the most delicious Turkish desserts. Just make sure to pack it well to be able to put it in your bag.



Turkish Coffee:


The Turkish Coffee is one of the most famous coffees in the world and it is known for its delicious taste, it is not that heavy but still able to wake you up all day. If you are a fan of Coffee, you can buy yourself or  your beloved friends back at home a packet or two of Turkish Coffee from Mehmet KuruKahveci that is located in Eminonu. This shop offers fresh roasted coffee to use so it will be more delicious.

It is important to buy a couple of the Turkish Coffee small cups (fincan) along with the Coffee in order to make it as the traditional way for a better experience. You can buy such cups from the famous Grand Bazaar or the same shop Mehmet KuruKahveci. Both coffee and its cups are not very expensive. You will not pay more than 50 US Dollars at maximum.


In general, Turkey is famous for good carpets just like Iran and India and in Istanbul city you can find a lot of options for carpets. You can find handmade carpets that the least could be said about them is being a masterpiece or economic carpets that come in Ottoman old designs. If you want to buy such carpets the best place is Hasan and Adnan shop that is located in the Grand Bazaar. This shop is considered a museum because of the handmade carpets offered in it that no other shop has.

Such carpets are actually expensive because it takes a lot of time to make them and needs a professional hands so expect to pay some extra dollars when you are buying one of these masterpieces. Just make sure to tell the staff that you are going to take them back home with you so they pack it well.



Turkish Hamam accessories:

turkish-bath-istanbulAfter having a relaxing Turkish bath you will definitely be looking forward to trying it again. Thus, if you want you can buy some of the accessories to repeat the experience at your house. You can buy natural soaps, olive lotion, traditional Turkish towels and other accessories to remember the relaxing time you had in Istanbul.



Jewelries and gold:


Turkey was ranked as the third country in the world in terms of jewelry and gold trading. Thus, you will find a lot of options and both beautiful modern designs and ancient Ottoman designs to buy.

Jewelries are available everywhere in Istanbul but mainly in the Beyazit area and in the famous Grand Bazaar. Literally thousands of designs and options that you can check.

One of the really beautiful designs are men’s rings that come with a cameo on top of it in different colors. Of course, most of the rings have fake cameos because the real ones are so expensive but you can always find the original one. Also, women necklaces that come with various designs and shapes.

Compared to Europe, jewelry prices in Turkey are not very high except for gold because it has an international price.


Istanbul city has a lot of things to buy as gifts whether for yourself or for your beloved one back home.

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