Best Art Museums in Istanbul

Being the main capital of the greatest three Empires in the world, and being located at one of the most important spots connecting Europe with Asia made Istanbul city one of the richest cities in the world in terms of culture and art. Thus, it is not surprising for such a city to be holding many art museums that offer the opportunity for both local and international artists to show their works.

In general, Istanbul itself holds 80 museums most of them are archaeological and history museums but there also art and cultural museums and they are considered an important places in Istanbul as they have a good reputation.

So if you are a fan of art and would like to visit some art museums, here are a list of the most famous art museums in Istanbul city:

Istanbul Modern Art Museum:


If you are a fan of art, this museum is the best place for you. The Istanbul Modern Art museum is a huge warehouse on the shores of the Bosphorus and it  contains paintings, photographs, sculptures and hosts different kinds of galleries, both educational and social programs, and international art exhibitions that offer really wonderful works such as Toney Crag’s sculpture “ Human Nature” in 2018. It is really one of the greatest places in Istanbul

Arter Museum:

Located in a restored building in the busiest street in Istanbul Istiklal Street, the Arter Museum is more like a studio where artists show their modern works.
The museum is large, bright, and organized. In addition, it encourages nowadays modern artists to show the work that is inspired by modern standards.  Although it the Arter museum is relatively young but it is gaining a good reputation in the city.

Rodeo Art Museum:

Probably the most exciting museums in Istanbul. Established by curator Sylvia Kouvali by representing art from Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus the Rodeo Museum was able to gain a huge reputation in Istanbul. Later, Sylvia started to represent more international art combined with regional one. If you are a fan of art, then you are absolutely going to love the masterpieces in Rodeo Museum.
The Rodeo Museum is located in Tophane Neighborhood near the Bosphorus and you can reach it using T1 Tramway Line.




The Galerist Art is located in Misir Aparmani which is considered one of the very distinguished buildings in Istiklal Street. This place is famous for hosting very important work such as designer Huseyin Caglayan’s photographs, not to mention the absolute wonderful 360 degree bar at the top floor of the building. The Galerist Art is one of the few art museums that you will spend a lot of time inside just thinking and thinking.
The Galerist Art Museum is located in Beyoglu district and specifically in the famous Istiklal Street.

Galeri Nev:

Just above Galerist Art Museum, the Galeri Nev is located in the same building (Misir Apartment). The Galeri Nev originally was founded in Ankara city and recently, the administration founded another branch in Istanbul city. Galeri Nev usually takes a more considered approach than its neighbors around, and you can actually see that in its paintings that are brought from out of Turkey.
Most of the paintings are not loud, so you can understand them easily compared to other art museums.

The Galeri Nev is located in Istiklal street, Beyoglu district just on the floor above Galerist Art.


Yapi kredi kultur merkezi:

This culture and art center is owned by a bank which might sound weird but it is not in Turkey. The two rooms art and book publishing centers usually host archeology and contemporary art that holds a very interesting meaning. You probably won’t be interested in this art center if you are not a real fan of art. Thus, do not worry if you don’t understand the full concept ot it.

The yapi kredi kultur art and culture center is located in Istiklal Street, Beyoglu district and the entrance is free, you can enter anytime you want.


This place is a little bit different than other art places. The Garaj is a no-profit contemporary performance art place where usually artists perform revolutionary art.
The place looks like it is stripped to the basics with its concrete and cold lighting design. Lately, Garaj hosted the performing art festivals and a lot of contemporary performance art fans joined it.


Still , you can find a lot of art museums and galleries in Istanbul city. So if you are a fan of art, no matter what kind of art it is then you will find what satisfies your desires.

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