In understanding Turkish cuisine, one of the members of the kebab family is Turkish Seekh Kebab. This type of şiş kebap, which is loved all over Turkey, is specially prepared just one day before cooking and placed on skewers with care, just like the others. It is written as 'şiş kebap' in the Turkish language, and its recipe materials consist of several kinds. 

The fact that all kinds of this şiş kebap, especially the original Turkish Seekh Kebab, are preferred in the Middle East has caused many people to know about it. But of course, it is mainly consumed by Turks. Domestic and foreign tourists traveling all around the country love this high-quality şiş kebap no matter where they taste it. 

Although the Turkish Seekh Kebab has original recipe materials and does not include any veggies, many restaurants have begun skewering tomatoes, onion slices, bell peppers, and mushrooms alongside the meat, or on a separate skewer, to make it more digestible and appealing. Let's look at the most well-known types of Şiş Kebap, known as Turkish Seekh Kebab, which has differentiated over time. Read the part below down carefully because there are tips for recipe materials. We don't want you to miss them.

Turkish Seekh Kebab Types

First of all, there are 105 types of Şiş Kebap in total in Turkish cuisine. But when it comes to Turkish Seekh Kebab and its authentic recipe materials, only a few of them stand out and settle on top around the country.

Adana Kebab (Adana Şiş Kebap)     

Adana Kebab is the most consumed type of kebab in the Middle East, including Turkey. Because among its primary recipe materials are lamb meat and spices. Whoever cooks the dish should be a professional of their craft because Adana Kebab, made with lamb meat, may not taste very good if it is not handled in good hands.

Urfa Kebab (Urfa Şiş Kebap)

 Urfa Kebab has a special place in the Turkish Seekh Kebab family. The reason for this is the difference in using the recipe materials. In this 'şiş kebap' (in Turkish as mentioned), chopped chili peppers and spices are not included in the meat, such as Adana Kebab. This factor strengthens the preference of Urfa Kebab by foreigners and people who eat it for the first time.

Eggplant Kebab (Patlıcan Şiş Kebap)

Unlike Urfa Kebab and Adana Kebab, the name of Eggplant Kebab does not come from the region where it originated. This type of kebab joined the Turkish Seekh Kebab list from Gaziantep, located in the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. The difference between the other two kebabs is that the eggplants and pieces of meat are placed one after another before being cooked as şiş kebap.

Iskender Kebab

First of all, it should be said that Iskender Kebab is not in the Turkish Seekh Kebab category typically. Although it is made without skewers, it contains the word kebab in its name, and it deserves to be on this list because of its taste. It is similar to a leaf in shape (due to its thin cut) and is cooked by turning over the fire as a large whole that is thinly cut and overlapped compared to other şiş kebap types.

It would not be wrong to say the following about the kebab types mentioned above this… All of them are derivatives of Adana Kebab, and either there is a difference in the recipe materials list, or there is a difference in the method of cooking directly.  

Which Provinces are Turkish Seekh Kebab Types Specific to?

  • Adana - Adana Şiş Kebap

  • Urfa - Urfa Kebab

  • Bursa - Iskender Kebab

  • Gaziantep - Eggplant Kebab (Patlıcan Şiş Kebap)

  • Erzurum - Cag Kebab

Our next step will be to answer the question of how to make Turkish Seekh Kebab.

How to Make Turkish Seekh Kebab (Şiş Kebap)?

  • Put the chopped meat in a large bowl first,

  • Pour olive oil over the meat,

  • Add the spices,

  • Cut the onions and garlic into two or three parts and add them to the meat,

  • Cover the large bowl with stretch film and leave it in the refrigerator for at least one day to complete the marinating process,

  • After the well-necessary time is up, take out the meat and wait until it comes to room temperature,

  • Then put the meat on the skewers one by one (in the Eggplant Kebab, place an eggplant piece and then a lump of meat),

  • Then, with the help of the necessary equipment on the barbecue or grill, get a few delicious portions of Turkish Seekh Kebab (şiş kebap).

  • This is how Turkish Seekh Kebab basic recipe materials and making stages are. The types of kebabs we have described above can basically be made in this order. For the remaining 102 types of kebabs, we have to follow different patterns while making them.

Frequently Asked Question

What is shish in Turkish food?
Shish in Turkish means a sword or a sharp stick.
What does shish kebab mean in Turkish?
Shish kebab is a traditional food where kebab pieces are threaded on a skewer.
What does a shish kebab consist of?
Shish kebab consists of meat and vegetables that are put on a skewer.
What are Turkish kebabs made of?
Turkish shish kebab can be made with lamb, beef or chicken.
What kind of meat is shish kebab?
It depends on the type of animal meat used on shish kebab, but limb is usually used in kebabs.