It is a venue that located on the corner of a backstreet in Moda and opened only two months ago. Yumma means mother in Arabic and it was the name of the grandmother of the female owner of the venue. The venue was very small and there were tables also outside. The shelves laying to the ceiling were full of books. The breakfast services were old fashioned and putting separately. So they were not the same tableware. We ordered breakfast plate called feast (30₺) and mini canapés (14 ₺) for Sunday breakfast. Circle pastry and quiche kinds were consumed. They were collecting 3 ₺ for extra drinking teas. The products available for the breakfast were generally nice. It is an important detail that all of them were provided from different regions. I especially liked plum jam. There were strawberry and sour cherry jams except that one. Muhammara, cheese paste and olive paste were delicious and successfully prepared by them. Ezine, Antep and tulum cheeses were served only in a small plate. Cheese is the one of the main ingredients of the breakfast. They could serve as thicker slices. Plain omelet and butcher soujouk were normal. The pastry written on the menu never came to table. I did not care too much. I liked two kinds of butter. We continuously reminded to renew of our teas. As for that they wrote unlimited tea in the menu, they should care about this. It will not hard to become more attractive, when they care about these issues. Otherwise good humour was not lack.




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