Yammi Pasta & Salad


Yammi Pasta & Salad is located on the 5th Floor of Cevahir Shopping Center. Yammi Pasta & Salad, which offers delicious pastas with special Italian sauces. In addition to pasta, there are salads and soups. Yammi Pasta & Salad uses barilla branded pasta. Vegetables are taken fresh every day and disinfected according to health.

Yammi Pasta & Salad has all kinds of pasta in its menu as well as gluten-free option. You can add flavor to your dish with Neapolitan, Bolonez, Vegetable, Pesto and many more sauce types. Or you can have a hearty and healthy meal with meat, tuna and chicken salads.

At the end of the day, you can enter Cevahir Shopping Center and find everything you need in hundreds of stores. If you want, you can go to the cinema or you can buy tickets to action-packed vehicles such as speed train, horror tunnel in the entertainment center. In the evening, you should choose Yammi Pasta & Salad for a delicious dinner. If you want a healthy and delicious meal you can choose from a variety of salads. Or you can beautify your evening with a variety of Italian pasta.




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