Vitrin Club


Etiler Night Venues Etiler Night Venues Showcase You will be able to enjoy live music in the pub. Professional dance performances and oriental shows will be a perfect opportunity to beautify your night. This special place, which receives a serious demand, stretches out from Etiler Night Venues thanks to its delicious mezzes. You can enjoy 4 seasons in this special place with a wide space.                  Etiler is one of the rare taverns with its reasonable prices among the Night Venues. You will enjoy the joy of rakı fish while you chat with your friends. Etiler Night Venues Thanks to its friendly and well-trained staff, Vitrin Meyhane Etiler offers you a tremendous quality of service.                Etiler Night Venues is a very special place where the old and new fruit house concept blends. You can have fun with your friends in this tavern and taste the tastes you have never tasted before. Do not say we had fun before coming to Etiler Night Venues with friendly and trained staff.               On weekends, you will be able to enjoy unforgettable conversations with your friends at this place where you can witness live DJ performances. Even if you want to live in the evenings you cannot forget even if you want to live in Etiler Night Venues.




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