The Upper Crust Pizzeria


The Upper Crust Pizzeria is a familiar flavor from far away! The Upper Crust Pizzeria, the award-winning gourmet pizza chain in Boston and its surroundings, has been bringing pizza lovers of Istanbul with the taste of a healthy gourmet pizza since April 2009. The Upper Crust, which has created an indulgent palate festival with its delicious blend of fresh vegetables, assorted cheeses, chicken, meat and sea food that adds taste to the crispness of the delicate pizza dough where the special recipe of tomato sauce is spread, has become an indispensable part of the pizza enthusiasts of both enjoyment and health! After the first address of Çırağan, the gourmet pizzeria, the first address of Çirağan, and the Maslak branches in May 2017, were expanded.




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