The Market at Bosphorus


The Market Bosphorus houses unique flavors in addition to the marvelous view of the Bosporus with the trending world kitchen concept “Steak House”. With its first time-in-the-world charcuterie service for yachts on the Bosporus, the pearl of Istanbul, The Market Bosphorus brings a lot of flavors from around the world together and creates a difference in minds and unforgettable tastes in palates. Stands out with a Modern design, The Market aims for enjoyable ours for its guests with different cooking and presentation techniques. The Market designed by famous architect Mahmut Anlar who is known for his modern, minimalist and enjoyable design aspects which offers an open kitchen concept to great guests with its rich menu from the entrance of the place. Designed with plain geometrical forms, The Market has an industrial feeling thanks to raw materials that used in interfaces.

You should check out the contemporary of Istanbul tour for your trip to Istanbul. In this tour, you will explore many of the magnificent contemporary Turkish art, discover modern and hidden artists of the 21stcentury. You will be walking through hottest neighborhoods of Istanbul and enface cultural progress of the city. The group will meet in front of Galatasaray High School in Taksim. First, we will walk through Istiklal Street and visit couple of modern art institutions of Istanbul. Tour will continue with a visit to SALT Galata; this place contains thousands of printed and digital artworks of modern age. SALT Galata is also home of many workshops, an exhibition and a conference hall, as well as the Ottoman Bank Museum. After visit of SALT Galata, we will keep on walking on Istiklal Street and Beyoglu to discover hidden gems of art separated through Tophane and Karakoy districts. Pera museum is also in our schedule, where we will observe latest artworks of the famous artists of Turkey and other countries. Our last stop will be Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, which was established near Bosphorus in 2004. It is one of the most visited art museums of Istanbul for contemporary art.      

Ottoman relics tour may also interest you before or after your visit in Palatium Café & Restaurant. It is a unique way to compare a Byzantine governance center and a Ottoman governancecenters, and gives you an excellent opportunity connect the story of Istanbul, what it was, and what it is now. You will visit Topkapi Palace, which served as main executive center of the government, also consist of where Sultan family lived from 1460 to mid 19thcentury. In Topkapi Palace, there are many section ns of different artifacts, relics and collections such as portraits of Sultans and paintings, Pavilion of the Holy Mantle and Holy Relics, which was used for prayer before enthronement of the Sultans and where they received homage from officials of the Center, rich collection of İstanbul Glassware, silverware, fabrics and many more. The tour will continue with the Sultan tombs, where sarcophaguses of 5 ottoman Sultans and their families. 
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With its appealing menu The Market offers a dreamy final to guests with a diversified dessert menu. Besides Pumpkin cheesecake, macaron ice cream, chestnut soufflé, traditional delicacies like “katmer” offers and unforgettable night with special presentations. Some of the most suggested drinks in The Market are; Bitter Ayran, Special The Market Şıra Cocktail, alcohol free Spice Marry cocktail, Gingery Mojito, Mexico Jalapeno prepared with one day rested tequila syrup and peppery Margarita. For those who prefer lighter drinks for summer, we offer Iced Sage or aromatic Passion Fruit cocktail.




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