Sultan Köşesi


Sultan Köşesi Restaurant is located in a historical area in Çatladıkapı. Sultan Köşesi Restaurant is close to many tourist attractions such as Hagia SophiaSultanahmet Square.

Sultan Köşesi Restaurant not only offers Turkish cuisine but also brings world cuisine to your table. Sultan Köşesi Restaurant, which also has a vegetarian menu, assures that everything it uses is healthy. The lahmacun and pita bread cooked in the stone oven are appreciated at Sultan Köşesi Restaurant. Sultan Corner Restaurant combines traditional Ottoman sherbet with different tastes and makes it suitable for today. You should try refreshing and healthy sherbet. Sultan Köşesi Restaurant, which is open every day of the week, also has halls that you can use for your special invitations.

After a day full of history, you can taste delicious food by visiting the Sultan Köşesi Restaurant near you. You should try the appetizers and salads. Sultan Corner Restaurant will be a place you will often want to come with its beautiful atmosphere.




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