Sour & Sweet Artisan Bakery


Our respect for the art of making bread for thousands of years has led us to seek real bread using only flour, water and salt. In the same context, we were influenced by the tradition of hundreds of years of French pastry, and we established the Sour & Sweet Artisan Bakery, where we can offer these two great art together. We set out with the promise of producing only organic / unadulterated and natural inputs. Our biggest aim is to bring you the real bread and cakes that you have been missing for years. We're making San Francisco-style sourdough breads. All our breads pass through a long (18-28 hours) and slow (hot + cold) fermentation process, all of which are hand and handled with care. Our cakes and desserts are fresh and daily produced with the highest quality ingredients by adhering to hundreds of years of French traditions and techniques. Your liking is our greatest source of happiness.




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