Sofa Cafe & Restaurant


Sofa Cafe & Restaurant has been serving its guests since 2002. Sofa Cafe & Restaurant is located in Sultanahmet in the center of Istanbul. Sofa Cafe & Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Nobel Hostel. Sofa Cafe & Restaurant, which is open every day of the week, accompanies you with its relaxed and fun atmosphere.
Sofa Cafe & Restaurant serves breakfast or dinner. Breakfast options, sandwiches, appetizers, as well as options such as salads, pasta, pizza varieties are also available. You should also try meat, chicken and fish. Vegetarian options are also available at Sofa Cafe & Restaurant.

If you want to spend a full day, you can start the day with the Old City Tour. You will be fascinated with hundreds of years of history and Byzantine architecture in Hagia Sophia. You can listen to the stories remaining in the dusty pages of history and gain a different perspective. Then you can continue your history tour with Basilica Cistern. The Basilica Cistern, with its many cisterns, has a mystical atmosphere. Another place you shouldn't go without seeing the Blue Mosque. It has a charming atmosphere that attracts many people with its different architecture and tiles. You can go to the old hippodrome and see the place where the competitions are made in history with your own eyes. You can wander and shop in the Grand Bazaar while you are going on your tour.

At the end of the day, you should go to Sofa Cafe & Restaurant and enjoy a delicious dinner. In addition to the main dish of your choice, you can taste delicious appetizers and try the dessert varieties at the end of your meal.s




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