Sıdıka Meze


Sıdıka Meze is a boutique restaurant located in Beşiktaş. Sıdıka Meze, which carries Aegean cuisine to the tables, serves with its fast and friendly service. Sıdıka Meze serves cold and hot appetizers and fish. Squid is one of the favorite flavors. You may feel like you are on the Aegean coast.

Sıdıka Meze will appeal to your eye's taste with its charming ambiance and wooden majority decoration. Since it is in the center of Istanbul, you can easily reach the Sıdıka Meze on an evening where you want to taste fish.

You should definitely choose Sıdıka Meze for a delicious dinner. Besides fresh fish, you can spend an enjoyable evening with various appetizers and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks of your choice.




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