Şans Restaurant


Şans restaurant was established in 1992, in the middle of a corporate area of Levent. Built in a two-floor villa with a nice, green garden, it offers a modern dining experience in the heart of the corporate life of İstanbul. Şans Restaurant brings a good opportunity for guests who wish to take a break from authentic delicacies and experience contemporary Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Their menu is equipped with seasonal Mediterranean vegetables, salads with mozzarella, roasted red beet, mesclun and many more interesting ingredients, freshly caught fish, and their meat menu ranges from delicious duck confit with Beluga Lentils and apple puree to traditional meatballs mixed with their secret spice recipe. They are members of Chaine des Rotisseurs, which is one of the most ancient and rooted gourmet organization, Şans restaurant has been awarded with certificate of excellence from different sources, and especially their wine menu was awarded for being extraordinarily good. 
Levent is 15 minutes away from Taksim with public and private transportation, so you can enjoy our İstiklal Street- Walk in Beyoğlu tour, then have an iconic dining experience in the Şans Restaurant. Taksim tour starts with you meeting our guides, then they will accompany you on the discovery of the many little side streets of İstiklal street. There you will have the advantage of exploring many historic buildings and many souvenir shops. Taksim street has been one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, attracting millions of tourists every year. Taksim Street is the home of many historical buildings, embassies, fancy hotels, theatres, restaurants and many international and local shops. This is a half-day tour, where you will discover beauties of Taksim street and have a chance to chat with our guide about background of Taksim and you will be equipped with trivial facts about certain historic structures. You will also visit the magnificent Armenian and Romanic churches and explore the breath-taking environment. 

If you are interested in visiting many of the museums, historical beatuies of Istanbul and learn many aspects of our history, Istanbul Guided Museum Pass is the correct choice. This pass allows you to visit places like Basilica cisternBlue Mosque,Hagia Sophia and more without waiting boring lines for ticket. Our guides will meet you in the place you wish to visit within the time period which is listed with detail in the link above. This is an easy way for you to arrange your schedule effectively and have time to explore different regions of İstanbul as you wish.

Şans Restaurant may be the best option for you to finish your day elegantly. It provides a luxurious experience with their wide, fresh and delicious contemporary Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, their top-class wine inventory will fit your course amazingly. Your happiness and comfort are of much importance in this restaurant, their experienced staff is there to ensure that your time in here is smooth and joyful. Turkish cuisine has been proverbial globally for hundreds of years, and it has been developing ever since. Şans restaurant is a fine example of what modern Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine has developed into. 




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