Pizzeria Pera


One of the most beautiful things about Istanbul is its variety in everything. Having a history over thousands of years, it has been home to many empires, which sculpted the fabric of the city. This variety in its history opens many different experiences to us today. Authentic Turkish cuisine goes along nicely with fabric of the city, but we assure you that it is not your only choice. Pizzeria Pera is situated in Beyoglu and its aim is to deliver real Italian pizza experience to Turkey. Since its establishment in 2013, their goal is to have a nice, cozy family restaurant with delicious pizzas, using Italian recipes. This restaurant is here to make you feel as comfortable as it gets while their wide pizza and wine menu ensures that you feel like you are in a restaurant in Italy. Pizzeria Pera uses local markets to grab their ingredients daily, their pizza and pasta options are always fresh. Combined with their wide wine menu, Pizzeria Pera offers a unique Italian experience in the middle of Istanbul. They have been rated best pizzeria in Istanbul according to Google reviews too. 

Pizzeria Pera shows us that there is a top-quality Italian Pizza Restaurant in Istanbul. Their close relationship with their guests creates a home-like atmosphere. Check out Pizzeria Pera for a taste of real Italian pizza!




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