Old English Pub


The Old English Pub, which started its operations in Saskinbakkal in 1996, has moved its excitement to the present day and is a contemporary version of the old English pubs. Our restaurant which aims to cater to every taste by having a diverse menu on every meal from breakfast to dinner with meat, fish, chicken or vegetable options. Our diverse beverage menu with special cocktails are avaliable for you all week every day between 10.00 - 02.00 hours. Old English Pub, located at a point dominating Bağdat Street, where you can feel comfortable and listening to music composed of jazz, rock, rock, roll, blues and American country songs. You can also watch D-Smart matches while sipping ice-cold beers or specially prepared cocktails. You can watch the beauty of Bağdat Street from the balcony as well as the interior with comfortable and spacious armchairs. 
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The Old English pub is a nice, contemporary pub in Bagdat street. You can cool off after your day in here and enjoy a cup of beer while watching a football game. You can find some snacks or meals as well just in case you are hungry. You know, you can even have a fresh breakfast in here!




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