Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar


Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar, located in Akatlar. Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar, which attracts attention with its modern and stylish decoration, has a separate section for special invitations.

Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar offers the delights of Japanese cuisine to the tables. The dishes prepared with the special recipes of Japanese chefs are combined with special sauces. The most popular tastes include dumpling with sesame oil sauce, taco and suziki carpaccio in the teppan furnace, chinese pastry with vegetables and seafood, Jumbo shrimp. Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar offers delicious meals with a wide variety of menu.

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At the end of the day, you should have dinner at Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar in Beşiktaş. If you want to experience Japanese cuisine, you should definitely choose Miyabi Sushi & Japanese Grill Bar. You can taste different tastes in the stylishly designed restaurant.




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