Marmarion Restaurant


Marmarion Teras Restaurant was founded two years ago in Beyazıt. The Marmarion Terrace Restaurant, located on the fifth floor of Antik Hotel Istanbul, welcomes its guests with views of the Marmara Sea and the old city. Marmarion Teras Restaurant attracts attention with its breakfast. Most of the products used in preparing breakfast come from different cities of Anatolia. Black olive comes from Manisa and honey comes from Aydin.

Marmarion Teras Restaurant attracts attention not only with breakfast but also with pasta and salads. In addition, there are also chicken and meat dishes. Marmarion Terrace Restaurant adds flavor to the dishes with its special sauces.

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At the end of this day, you should have dinner at Marmarion Terrace Restaurant in the center of Istanbul. You can beautify your evening with a delicious fish dish or a pasta with sauce.




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