La Boom


La Boom Restaurant serves in Emirgan. La Boom Restaurant is an elite place that impresses with its design. The terrace is behind the best terraces of Istanbul in terms of views and presentation. A rich menu of international cuisine will accompany quality drinks. You can dine at night by watching Istanbul from the same front during the day. La Boom serves all day.

If you have planned a day of sightseeing in Istanbul, you should start the day by joining Dolmabahçe Palace & Two Continents Tour. You will see the palace in all its glory and listen to its deep history from your guide. Dolmabahçe Palace was the home of the Ottoman Dynasty. It has wonderful antique collections, furniture, 285 rooms and 46 lounges. You should not forget to watch the magnificent Bosphorus view from the garden of Dolmabahçe Palace. You can countine the day with Pierre Loti tour. You can take the cable car from the Eyüp to the top of Pierre Loti or you can walk down the footpath with the old graves. When you reach the hill, you will be welcomed by the magnificent estuary view. Beautiful views can be taken on the viewing terraces where you can watch the scenery. You can have your coffee in the open air with the view and you can buy handmade jewelery in the tiny stands. You should not return until you visit Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Eyüp Square. With its magnificent historical structure, it is frequented by thousands of people every day. You should walk around the square and eat in the delicious restaurants. You can have fun in the entertainment center and taste local delicacies like Ottoman paste.

If you are looking for a stylish and delicious restaurant in the evening, you should go to La Boom Restaurant. You can choose your favorite food from the varied menu and taste delicious drinks with you. You can have a chat and have a pleasant evening with the view.




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