Kozmonot Pub


He plays it once. Was there a place for Glam, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Chill-Out? Looking at a Darkened Room from Skid Row, you're looking at the Temple of the King of Axel Rudi Pell. Both in Teşvikiye! When it is this way, instead of drinking at home, it seems more attractive to get some space air in the Cosmonaut. Someone you know is already there. As the name suggests, the theme is space uzay Decoration is also a very interesting venue. Edison bulbs are almost everywhere in the space, dim lighting, unusual designs, space vehicles inspired by the metal density of the toilets in detail, inin The menu is rich. With the open kitchen you can see what's going on inside. Instead of the main course, the alcohol equips the menu with snacks. Having Guiness is also nice for me. It is also possible to drink German, Dutch and Belgian beers. Among the most preferred among the beer are their own production sausage. The venue is open until 01:00 on Friday and 03:00 on Saturday.




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