Kiva Meyhane


Everything began with a single pursuit! When rowing in Anatolia’s endless ocean of flavours, we discovered that this ocean was limitless, Anatolia was overflowing with riches! This search and wish to discover was increasing by the minute and knew no bounds, so; while considering what more we could do, what else we could offer, we said to ourselves why not have a unique concept. As our very original flavours can’t fit into books, kitchens or on tables; as our conversations are endless and our love only increases, tonight all are invited to the assembly of friends at Kiva Bomonti. Created by our chef Deniz Sahin herself, the assorted mezzes bring to mind the most special and oldest of taverns and create enchanting tables which are key to sparkling conversations. Kiva Bomonti, with its tavern concept provided in its winter garden, is the new go-to place in the evenings for those who miss the spirit of old Istanbul! An established address, especially for a “Women’s Night,” Kiva Bomonti invites to the table everyone who wishes to enjoy an elite, memorable and special evening. Come on then; raise your glasses; to aspirations, dreams, friendship and love...




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