Kaşıbeyaz Florya


In the Kasibeyaz Florya Centre branch, which was renovated by a nature concept, you can experience of tasting traditional tastes in accompaniment with parrots and canaries. You will feel yourself in middle of nature, through its landscape encountered with linden trees, walnut trees, date trees, sweetsops, magnolias, mulberry trees, quince trees, apple trees, plum trees taking place in its exterior space which is surrounded by watermarks and where there are some pools equipped with waterfalls; and you can find tranquility in accompaniment with trees such as palm, multicolored Benjamin, Ficus Arye taking place in its interior space.

Having a total capacity of 330 persons, the KASIBEYAZ Florya hubs 2 pieces VIP hall, 8 pieces special lodges and an outdoor-indoor playground. Our big VIP hall is favorable for meeting organizations. Equipped with last Technologies, our hall present service together with voice system, microphone and 2-piece bark-visions.  The space taking place at the back, equipped with 8 separate lodges is a special place where you could watch TV while tasting the traditional tastes of South-East kitchen.
Our branch gives service based on 7 day per week and between 09:00-24:00 and Mixed Breakfast service is given also in Saturday. As for open buffet breakfast, it is given on Sundays.

Play elder sisters present entertainment opportunities to your children at every day of week and as for Saturday and Sunday, your children are cheered up by Punchinello (buffoon).

Istanbul can be tiring to walk around without a plan. Check out our Istanbul top 5 attractions combo option. Wİth this option, you will be able to discover most amazing historical structures of Istanbul, built in times of Ottoman EmpireRoman Emprire and Byzantine Empire. This combo includes visits to Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Basilica CisternBosphorus Dinner Cruise and 24-hour hop-on-off BigBus tour. Hagia Sophia was originally built by the East Roman Empire as a glorious church, until Fatih the Conqueror conquered Istanbul and turned this magnificent piece of art into a mosque. Up until Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic, Hagia Sophia continued to serve as a mosque, Ataturk then changed it to museum as it is today. It contains rich historical and cultural heritage from past governmental eras. Topkapi Palace served as residence of the royal Ottoman family and it was also the centre for governmental and educational functions of the Empire. In this historic structure, you will witness the brightest era of the Ottoman Empire in its glory. You will walk through many sections of the building such as armory and weaponry, sacred relics department, sofa mosque and many more. Basilica cistern is an underground part of the Hagia Sophia, built by the orders of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in 527. It is called Yerebatan (sunk underground) due to marble columns rising from the water. There is also a basilica in the place where cistern is located. Basilica Cistern is a visual show of the beauty our city holds. Bosphorus Dinner cruise is an amazing opportunity to relieve your tiredness after a long day of city exploration and have a remarkable night on a boat on Bosphorus. This event takes approximately 4 hours and you will be sailing around the Bosphorus with many events like belly dancer shows, professional DJs, unlimited local alcoholic dinners with meat, fish or vegetable dinner options. Bosphorus’ gentle winds and colorful lights of the city will accompany you in this fine experience. Bigbus tour will allow you to enjoy beauties of the city as you sit and travel through most iconic places of Istanbul. Bigbus tour is perfect if you don’t want to lose your energy walking.

You should also know that when you come to or leave Istanbul, whether to Sabiha Gokcenor Istanbul Airport, we can provide you with our transfer services. Istanbul`s beauty also comes from its size, but from time to time this can be a problem. With our airport services, you will be able to program your schedule effectively and with comfort. This transportation service can be provided for maximum 5 people on one vehicle. Our transferman will reach to the airport prior to your landing and will arrive to your pick-up location to ensure you reach the airport in enough time to arrange your flight procedures. Don’t forget to use our Istanbul unlimited Wi-Fi Service to keep your communication with the online World alive! You know how hard life can become these days without always having the internet to guide you through your visits, we are here for you to solve this problem too!

Istanbul has countless beauties waiting for you to discover. Kasibeyaz is a must try in Istanbul, located in a beautiful district. Its cozy atmosphere and delicious meals are perfect for you and your friends.




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