Kadı Nimet Balıkçılık


Kadı Nimet’s fishery was established over 40 years ago with a simple goal in mind: to deliver fresh and daily fish to its guest in best quality. In Kadı Nimet’s fishery, you can choose which fish from the options and whole cooking process will be made in front of you. So, it assures you that whole process is done with attention and daintiness. It is situated in Kadikoy local fishers’ market, which is a popular place amongst fish lovers, and you can find and try most of the seasonal fishes here. Their appetizers also range from grilled octopus to smoked salmon. With an availability to just shop for fishes and baking at home or selecting your fish and eating there, Kadı Nimet’s fishery opened a new era for restaurants in Turkey. In its terrace floor, you can enjoy a famous Raki-fish night with your friends and loved ones. 

If you are a fish enthusiast, we highly recommend that you visit Kadı Nimet’s Fishery. Their idea of serving daily, fresh fish, availability to choose your own fish to eat and amazing terrace atmosphere will satisfy your hunger. Fish is commonly made around Istanbul, but it is not always the same quality. Kadı Nimet’s fishery offers top quality fish and with a friendly and professional team, you will have everything you need to spend a remarkable night.




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