Itsumi serves Japanese cuisine for its guests in 4. Levent. It has a nice, cozy atmosphere, has the spiritual ambience of the East. Careful preparation process and elegant presentation of dishes are combined with friendly staff creates a lovely environment in Itsumi. This restaurant in 4. Levent offers a different experience in your Istanbul visit, and closeness to central malls will ease you in your shopping. It is a great place to try authentic Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cuisine offers quite interesting taste for you to experiment, but with our Ottoman Cuisine Cooking Workshop activity is a great way to experiment Ottoman cuisine and compare it with Japanese cuisine! In this 2-hour activity, you will take a course on one of the richest kitchen cultures of the World. You will be a part of the succulent journey of Anatolian, Ottoman and Turkish cuisine and have a deeper understanding of how it was shaped. Ottoman Emperors always tried to preserve the culture of the place they conquered. This led to enriched cultural heritage on lifestyle, monuments and cuisine. With instructions of a professional Ottoman cuisine chef, you will be part of exciting making process of Turkish cuisine. What you will make changes day to day so what you make will be a surprise for you!

Ottoman cuisine is an important factor of our cultural heritage, but our culture goes beyond our cuisine. The Story of the Conqueror tour is a half-day tour where you will dig into the story of Mehmet the Conqueror. You will be walking around the Fatih Mosque district with our guide and learn the story of this complex. Combined with amazing life story of the conqueror, this tour will donate you with the essential historic knowledge of Ottoman Empire and Mehmet the Conqueror. You will have a deeper understanding of cultural development of the city, have a chance to analyze how beliefs of an Empire shaped its architecture, culture and lifestyle. You will encounter many historical monuments from Byzantine and Roman periods such as churches, columns, Gothic cistern and mosques as well. Each of these remarkable artworks hold great importance on designing the texture of the city. Istanbul also contains many street bazaars which are opened daily in different places. We will lastly discover most popular bazaar of the city, Carsamba Bazaar, and you will have an opportunity to search for different souvenirs to bring back as memory or as a gift to your loved ones.

You should also know that when you come to or leave Istanbul, whether to Sabiha Gokcen or Istanbul Airport, we can provide you with our transfer services. Istanbul`s beauty also comes from its size, but from time to time this can be a problem. With our airport services, you will be able to program your schedule effectively and with comfort. This transportation service can be provided for maximum 5 people on one vehicle. Our staff will reach to the airport prior to your landing and will arrive to your pick-up location to ensure you reach the airport in enough time to arrange your flight procedures. Don’t forget to use our Istanbul Pocket Wi-Fi service to keep your communication with the online World alive! You know how hard life can become these days without always having the internet to guide you through your visits, we are here for you to solve this problem too!

Itsumi is a nice opportunity to discover international cuisines on Turkey. Situated in 4. Levent, it can be a nice stop in between your tour plans, and it can create you a good break to shop around. Visit and have a chance to be part of this gourmet experience and join Itsumi family!




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