İnciraltı Meyhanesi


After the restoration of an old Greek house with a hundred-year history, Inciralti Meyhanesi opens its doors and takes its name from the seventy-year-old fig tree in its garden. Everything you touched on your fork is removed from the multicultural flavor chest of the city and brought back to the table. From the Ottoman archives of the 19th century to the tables of the Anatolian peoples ... 1833 dated Tak hurma kebab, wrapped in lamb's shirt uh, Marianna Yerasimos's discovery and prescription ılı mackerel taratoru Yer of 1844, ın mackerel filling ref from Takuhi Tovmasyan. F brain pans usu from the Sefarad dinner, “spleen stuffing” from the Armenian table, “brains ından from the Tatavla Greek table and sof fish marinade” from the payitaht cuisine. A sweet farewell at the closing: a creamy citrus dessert prepared with citrus from Antakya and handmade cherry and satsuma liqueurs. The tavern, which offers raki in lace jacketed ç horse goblets d, keeps its guests alive with its peace, wide and green garden with its wooden floor, furniture and Ottoman engravings on its walls.




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