Giritli Restaurant


Giritli Restaurant was established by Ayşe Şensılay in Bodrum and continued to serve in Ahırkapı in Istanbul. Ayşe Şensılay, from a Cretan family, wants everyone to taste the culinary delights of Cretan cuisine. Cretan Cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines accepted in the world for years. Ayşe Şensılay is the chef at the Giritli Restaurant, which produces flavors with a combination of fish, olive oil and herbs. Giritli Restaurant is a place for those who want to eat delicious and healthy food in a historical Sultanahmet house.

One of the most popular dishes of the Giritli Restaurant, the Cretan appetizer and raw fish are prepared with various sauces and herb mixtures. You can find Radika, Vruvez (mustard grass), Radish grass, Nettle, Mallow, Marata (arabian hair) herbs in the Cretan Restaurant in every season. These herbs are sometimes served as salads, sometimes served in pies and sometimes boiled.

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After a day full of tours, you should go to the Giritli Restaurant for a healthy dinner. You will love the fresh fish menu and the appetizers they make from various herbs.




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