Fuego Restaurant


Fuego restaurant is established in 2012. Situated in Sultanahmet, it offers authentic Turkish cuisine and authentic Kurdish cuisine. Fuego restaurant is situated in a nice place to take a break from a long day of exploration and feast yourself with their culinary. Its menu has quite interesting meat and chicken options ranging from classical Chicken Shish Kebab and Adana Kebab to Iskender Kebab. Their vegan menu offers authentic Anatolian cuisine such as stuffed aubergine, pureed aubergine salad, named babagannus in Turkish, muhammara, and many more. It also has different pita and pizza options. You can accompany your succulent meal with alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages.
If you are near the Sultanahmet area, you may be interested in visiting historical structures built in the Old City. You can check our Blue Mosque area tour half-day tour where you will discover the heart of the Old City. It is a 4-hour tour with a guide, and you will be walking around old city, exploring Ottoman & Byzantine cultural heritage. You will encounter old Sultanahmet prison, which is now used as a hotel today, and our guides will inform you about trivial facts of how prison system worked in Ottoman Empire, why and how often intellectuals were prisoned in this place. Tour will continue with exploration of old wooden houses, which were the living place of the community, and you will also see mansions of the Ottoman aristocracy. This tour aims to show how Ottoman community used to live, and it will give you an insight on the daily life of Ottomans, and how their traditions shaped their society. 

Fuego Restaurant is a nice exit from the speed of Istanbul, its rush and relax in the heart of the Old City. It offers a wide menu that will fit your taste and it’s a great opportunity to explore authentic Turkish cuisine and authentic Kurdish cuisine. Their friendly staff will ensure that your visit here is relaxing and remarkable.




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