Fine Dine Istanbul


At the heart of the Old City, Fine Dine Istanbul is a remarkable choice if you seek to finish the day with extensive Turkish cuisine and a spectacular view.

Fine Dine offers to “dine out Turkish way”. You can taste variety of options of meze with your raki, or experience Turkish cuisine through their extensive a la carte menu! The options vary from fish to red meat, including many vegetarian options.

Located in Fatih, only minutes away from famous Sultanahmet Square, Fine Dine offers a breathtaking view of the Old City and Bosphorus.

You can enjoy your meal after a day of exploring Ottoman relics in the Old City . Explore the daily life of Ottoman Dynasty in their very home at Topkapi Palace. Build in 1465, Topkapi Palace was the home for Ottoman Sultans’ families. The most famous and beautiful palace in Istanbul still reflects the late empire’s glorious days. Now utilized as a museum, Topkapi Palace includes imperial treasury, Ottoman weapons, daily used items, clothing of royalty as well as sacred Islamic relics of Prophet Mohammed.

The tour will move on towards Sultan tombs, which are located right next to Hagia Sophia. The tombs include that of five Ottoman Sultans and their families. You can see beautiful engravings and ornaments dates back to 16th century. Try not confusing sarcophaguses as coffins!

One of the great things about Istanbul is its diverse history. After exploring what was truly Ottoman, you can move on to Basilica Cistern that was built in 6th century during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. Here, you can almost feel the ancient history that lies beneath the city. The most interesting piece in the cistern is an engraved head of Medusa. This engraving is said to had been positioned there in order to keep the place safe. One of the main tourist attractions in Istanbul, Basilica Cistern offers a unique experience.

With its convenient location and brilliant dining options, Fine Dine Istanbul awaits for visitors who wants to finish the day with a delicious Turkish touch.

For a nice stay to complement all these, Sura Hotel will be much recommended. Located at the heart of the Old City, Sura is only minutes away from the major attractions of the city: 10 minutes from Grand Bazaar, 2 minutes from Basilica Cistern, 40 seconds (yes seconds) from the tram station, 10 minutes from Topkapi Palace, 1 minute from Sultanahmet Square, 2 minutes from Hagia Sophia, and 2 minutes from the Blue Mosque.




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