Duble Meze Bar


A ’Double‘ in Pera Duble Meze Bar, located in the historical Pera, on the terrace of the Palazzo Donizetti Hotel with its magnificent view, promises an unforgettable taste experience by combining the original, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in the center of the city with the appetizers interpreted by Emre Çapa and Arto Ankaralıyan. In the menu coming out of the double kitchen, the traditional tastes of the Turkish cuisine are brought to life with special touches and are as attractive as the interesting tastes. The delicacies of the Middle Eastern, Anatolian and Balkans cuisine, which are inspired by the cuisine, are always being refreshed according to season and freshness. Local products used in dessert mezes are cooked by the latest techniques brought by the modern age. Seasonal flavors with ingredients from ...




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