Dubb Indian Restaurant


Dubb Indian Restaurant is located in Sultanahmet for those who want to taste Indian cuisine. You should try the cuisine of a different culture with the delicious dishes of the Indian chef. You should try flavors that you have not tried before in Indian cuisine, which is famous for its spice varieties.

From the terrace you can enjoy magnificent views of Sultanahmet. Its central location makes it ideal for a meal break on tourist trips. At the Dubb Indian Restaurant you can try dishes that are entirely Indian, or you can taste the flavors of Turkish cuisine combined with Indian spices. The menu also includes Indian cuisine. Indian tea is prepared as milk tea flavored with spices. Lassi is served as a cold drink with yogurt. 

At the end of the day, you should taste Indian cuisine with the view of Istanbul. You can start your meal by tasting the meat made with delicious spices, and beautify your dinner with a variety of sweet and aperitifs.




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