Cunda Balık


Get up from Istanbul and go to Cunda at every opportunity. .. Who does not want to enjoy the raki fish, where it should be, Cunda'da to do. Unfortunately, we are able to organize such an arbitrary event several times a year for many reasons. But when we return, the taste of the taste in our palate remains. The first Cunda Cuisine in Istanbul, our restaurant, Cunda Island has tasted the tastes, since 2003, is moving to Istanbul. As in almost every restaurant you enter in Cunda Island, you will find at least 70-75 varieties of meze and intermediate heat at Bostancı Cunda Balık. You will be tempted to choose between Aegean herbs as you will not find in any restaurant in Istanbul. Not only the fish from Ayvalik; natural extra virgin olive oil, black and green olives, Aegean herbs, fresh curd, curd dessert, goat cheese, basket cheese, Cundaoryı every taste that makes Cunda ege We expect you to taste these flavors.




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