who are we? In 2003, Sheriffdus Coffee Factory was established in Australia / Sydney with a joint venture of 3 family members. Afterwards, in 2007, it was decided to share the experience gained with many years in Turkey and abroad with coffee lovers. It's also the day today are in first place among Turkey's leading espresso coffee roaster. The 3rd Wave Cafe concept, launched with the opening of its first branch in Eminonu in June 2014, has led to the opportunity to bring first-hand coffee lovers to the quality of qualified coffee production with Coffeetopia. Coffeetopia opened its second branch on September 2014 in Istanbul Kemerburgaz University. We decided to grow with the franchise system after completing the necessary infrastructure works with the demands of the investors who wanted to be included in this concept without compromising the principles. Still in Turkey and demand from abroad, were evaluated in the system established within 3.şube the Georgia / Batumi Coffeetopia with the chain opening was held November 21, 2015 TA has added a ring. With its 3itedrd wave cafe concept, Coffeetopia continues to create a brand new culture with its high quality coffees.




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