China Stix & Sushi


The two partners of China Stix & Sushi, opened in Etiler, dream of opening up their own spaces, fallen in their minds as they worked in spaces working in this concept. Experienced, well-known kitchen team create and work. They continue to work actively both in the kitchen and in the kitchen. China Stix is ​​a small place with a capacity of 50 people; just a few tables outside where you can sit outside; There is a section in front of a bar with a high session and a bar with an open kitchen in the corner. We advise non-smoke enthusiasts to sit inside. The outside session was a bit cramped. The place has a minimal decoration with light colored wood. There is a showcase where you can see the fish in the section of the kitchen bar. This is the pride of the company, which sells its fresh fishes in Kumkapı every morning. The taste of this freshness that deserves credit is definitely worth it.




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