Cheers Soul Kitchen


Cheers Soul Kitchen is situated at Fatih, in the same building with its Hotel Cheers Lighthouse. Whether you wish to stay at this hotel or not, it offers a nice breakfast or dining experience that you will remember. Both its main room and terrace has view of Marmara Sea, which creates a phenomenal atmosphere to accompany your meal. Turkish breakfast is widely appreciated all over the world and Cheers Soul Kitchen has a great atmosphere to accompany our delicious breakfasts. Cheers Soul Kitchen also has a ranged meal options from various pides to iskender kebab and döner, and they also serve many authentic Turkish desserts such as Kunafah, oven shredded pastry with soft cheese filling in thick syrup and baklava

Cheers Soul Kitchen is at an advantageous location, opens opportunities to start or end your day with ranged meal options of the Turkish cuisine, after exploring different parts of Istanbul such as the Old City or Beyazit area, home of the historic Grand Bazaar. And with its hotel service, you can stop worrying about searching for a place to accommodate and enjoy this lovely hotel and its wide advantages.




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