Ceviz Ağacı


Ceviz agaci was opened in Kadikoy, kosuyolu in 2008. With its pleasant atmosphere, unique breakfasts, tasty cuisines offer a remarkable experience. Ceviz Agacı has been changing and developing according to its guests’ recommendations and it is trying to challenge itself. Its wide menu contains special daily pastry products, cookies and biscuits, profiteroles, cakes, hamburgers and many international desserts. With all sugar filled pastries, this place has a sweet atmosphere and spending time here will make you feel better. Having a breakfast at Ceviz Agaci would be a super way to start your day. Situated in Kadıkoy, it is surrounded with an energetic crowd which will also rise you up. Apart from the breakfast and desserts, it also has contemporary international cuisines to ensure you find something for your taste.
You need energy to effectively explore the glorious Istanbul. A good breakfast in Ceviz Agaci is an excellent way to start your day, it’s delightful cuisine will boost your day!




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