Bodrum Mantı & Cafe


Bodrum Mantı & Cafe, which has been indispensable for its customers for years with its rich rich menu, high quality and attentive service concept, was first put into service in Arnavutköy in 1997 with the experience of working with Cengiz and Hasan Yanar brothers for a quarter century. With its professional and fast service, Bodrum Mantı & Cafe, which adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, has become a popular and popular brand today with its chain of restaurants opened in different locations. Bodrum Mantı & Cafe provides the same flavor quality in all its restaurants and offers the unique tastes of traditional Turkish cuisine to its domestic and foreign customers. Bodrum Mantı & Cafe restaurants, which have become a popular destination for celebrities, will continue to serve our valued customers every day of the day with its colorful breakfast menu in the mornings, the service to the houses and the Arnavutköy and Fenerbahçe branches which are open 24/7.




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