Beyti Restaurant


Beyti Restaurant was established in 1945 in Kucukcekmece. Beyti Restaurant has moved to the Florya and is now serving there. Beyti Restaurant is a popular place where you can see someone famous while eating. Beyti Güler, one of the founders of Beyti Restaurant, is one of the first masters to give the name meat. Beyti Restaurant has 10 halls and 3 terraces. Beyti Restaurant welcomes its guests with its elegant and spacious dining halls.

You can taste the taste of Beyti kebab in Beyti Restaurant. It offers quality and taste at the same time with its wide selection of snacks, appetizers, well-seasoned meats.
You should spend a full day in the center of Istanbul and escape from the crowds of the city and eat at Beyti Restaurant. You should start the day with Istiklal Street Tour. You can wander around Taksim Square and shop in many shops. Istiklal Street is crowded and lively around the clock. You should also see the red tram passing through İstiklal Street. You can join the Galata Tour during the day. You will love to wander the streets of  Galata. You can see the Galata Tower closely and listen to the legends. If you want, you can go to Galata from Karaköy by using the historical tram. You can wander around Karaköy and get sea air. You can go to Sirkeci and see Sirkeci Train Station. If you want to shop, you should continue with the Grand Bazaar Tour. The Grand Bazaar is one of the most important shopping centers for centuries. You can find everything you want in this lively market where thousands of people shop every day. With its historical streets, you can shop and make a history tour.

At the end of your tours, you can taste delicious kebabs at Beyti Restaurant and add flavor to your meal with a wide variety of appetizers.




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