Bayramoğlu Döner


Doner is one of the most famous dishes of Turks. It became popular worldwide years ago and there is a chance that you come up to a döner restaurant nearly on every corner of Turkey. Being this famous and populated this much may seem it like making it is easy and make you believe that where you eat doesn’t matter much. Bayramoglu döner exists in Beykoz to prove these common beliefs wrong. This restaurant's daintiness in their selection of right live stocks and their idea to prepare it meticulously is praiseworthy. They cook their doner in an oven made in a hole in the earth, called Tandır, which is an ancient cooking method widely used by our ancestors and creates a unique flavor. They have been serving one of the finest examples of doners in Istanbul for over 30 years and their professional, family-like team will ensure your comfort in your visit to Bayramoglu doner.

Don’t miss the chance to experiment worldwide popular Doner of Turkey in where one of its best versions is made. Bayramoglu doner offers you a simple, yet elegant version of succulent meat. Discover one of our national pride in one of the best places. Come to Bayramoglu doner, you won’t regret it!




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